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Best Friends

March 1, 2011

My best friend and me have been together since we walked out of a bar one night and both of us were hiding forks in our purses!!!!HA!!! I also had a salt shaker in there!!!She has been my guide over the years to not stealing and has been one of the most inspiring women in my life.We have lived together, had our babies together lost touch been and lived in other countries but we always find our way back to each other.

I tried for years to get her to come to Beacon House.She will go and buy at  Frenchy’s now.that took some conviciiiiiiing!!let me tell you!!She is a hard worker and very proud of her self and her life and her family.Nothing wrong with that.They are a terrific self sustaining family. Close and very Spiritual I always say if it wasn’t for her family Id be dead or naked.When I needed boots at Christmas she came through for me.

Finally we get to Beacon House one crisp winter day.The place was quiet and so we shopped around , then we spied a set of China out of the corner of our eyes.”I do need a set, mine are getting old and faded”.She said.Here before our very eyes were plates,dessert plates,cups saucers,tea pot,soup urn,all very top quality German China.It dosen’t get any better!

I felt the thank you God swelling into my chest!!!Yes!!!I pray for material stuff I pray for all things and give thank you to Great Spirit for all things. Thank you to Mother Earth for all things.Its the way I practise you can have your own.Mine works miracles.”They knew we were coming”, I said.We chuckled.She was very impressed and so was I.It took me years to get her in the door and here was this great gift.A full set of white and rose gold trimmed,Quality German China for 40 bucks!It does not get any better than that in the trade business.I set my purchase that she was buying for me, behind the counter with the cash ladies,I knew we would be back for the dishes .We went down back for a few minutes.

I wondered what is going through her head! They do not cost to much,was she saving up for something!I’ve learned not to question to much.

My friend said “well I’ll take a few minutes with you at the back in the bins then if they are still there Ill buy them.She asked me if they took debut and then was somewhat disinterested at the answer.

We had fun carrying on about it all.We were jut getting ready to go to the front when she met up with one of her hair clients, who was a volunteer.Did you see the set of dishes at the front she said we are on our way up to buy them”. “No the client replied they are gone!!!”



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